With the submission of the final report to IHP+ in February 2014, Round II of the Health Policy Action Fund officially came to a close. We can proudly look back at 18 months of exciting health policy advocacy projects in eight countries.
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Advocacy for Change – Capacity Training for the HPAF Grantees and Partners – 13. Feb, 2014

advocacyforchange-hfap-100The Health Policy Action Fund (HPAF) held an advocacy training workshop in Kenya, Nairobi from the 30 October to the 1 November 2013. Thirteen participants from both Kenyan and Ugandan Civil Society Organisations attended the training.  Read more

Civil Society and Intellectual Property Rights, a story from Uganda – 13. Feb, 2014 

john-mulimba-hfap-100In the recent past policy makers in Uganda have worked on the issue of intellectual property, a topic with high importance for the health care system. Honorable John Mulimba is a member of the Ugandan Parliament, serving amongst others in the Committee on Trade and Indsutry.  Read more

The voice of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in health policy processes is crucially important. Only when the concerns of communities are taken into account can national health strategies contribute to improved health outcomes for all.
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globalfund logoIn June 2013 close to 200 public health experts from Governments, the private sector and civil society attended the Global Fund’s 29th Board Meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After an extensive reshuffle of the Fund’s secretariat including the exchange of top-management, and the strengthening of financial processes and risk oversight functions, the Fund had recently piloted its key reform: the New Funding Model (NFM).
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Sri Lanka: Sex Workers and Men Having Sex with Men Need Support – 27. Jun, 2013

srilanka sexworkers newsIt is unbearably hot and humid in the crowded meeting room, somewhere in Sri Lanka’s hectic capital Colombo. I am meeting with outreach workers of the community based organisation Community Strength Development Foundation (CSDF). The group provides legal, psychosocial and livelihood support to people at the fringes of society: commercial sex workers. Read more

Civil Society Organisation’s role in Sierra Leone’s health system – 18. Dec, 2012

cso sierraleone news hpafCivil Society Organisations (CSOs) play a vital role in Sierra Leone’s health system by delivering services and advocating for the right to health. During a visit to Freetown, Tobias Luppe – manager of the Oxfam managed Health Policy Action Fund (HPAF) – met with a Sierra Leonean Civil Society Leader. Read more

Elections in times of Cholera: Sierra Leone is trying to improve the health of its population – 20. Nov, 2012

sierraleone cholera news hpafSierra Leone – one of the poorest countries on the planet – has some of the world’s worst health indicators: More than 10% of all children die before the age of 5 and every hundredth woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth. Life expectancy is at 49 years – about 20 years below the global average. Read more

Sierra Leone Election Advocacy Case Study – Nov, 2012

election sierraleone news hpafOn the 6th of November, at the National Stadium, Freetown, Sierra Leone, a crowd gathered to hear candidates share their plans for women and children’s health, should they be elected Mayor of Freetown on the 17th of this month. The venue quickly filled up with pregnant women, healthworkers, youths, and media practitioners from across Freetown, eager to hear what candidates had to offer. This was a rare opportunity for Freetown voters to hear candidates share their ideas on substantive issues, and to be able to ask questions and raise concerns. The Forum was well attended by candidates hailing from a range of political parties. Read more

When Messi had cholera: Bangali Suma, a survivor tells his story – 15. Oct, 2012

cholera news hpafPeople in Sierra Leone love soccer. Every bar with a TV shows the matches, every stretch of land – no matter how dirty or rocky – is used as a soccer pitch. In Mabella, one of the seven officially registered slums of Freetown Bangali is what you could consider a soccer star. Read more

WASH your hands! How poor Water Sanitation and Hygiene wreaks havoc in Sierra Leone – 01. Oct, 2012

sierraleone wash news hpafEver had to queue for the bathroom? Ever been annoyed with being asked to pay for using the loo in a club? Ever disliked the smell in a public toilet? Try Kroobay a slum in Freetown, Sierra Leone. There are exactly four public toilets for a population of 12,000. If you want to use them you are asked to pay 1000 Leonie, which is about what you would pay for a cheap meal on the street or what a poor person has to survive on. Sometimes they are cleaned, but only with water for lack of detergent. Read more

Interview with Dr Kedar Baral from Patan Academy of Health Sciences in Nepal – September, 2012

KedarBara news hfapThe Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) is an autonomous, not-for-profit public institution of higher education. PAHS employs highly innovative strategies in several areas to encourage its graduates to work to improve the health status of the rural poor. Read more

Health Rights and Advocacy Forum's work in Kenya – August, 2012

Beatrice Theuri news hpafHERAF is implementing an 18 month project that is aimed at advocating for timely development and implementation of health policies, health legislations, health guidelines in line with the constitution within the health sector and more specifically to focus on devolution within this sector. Read more

Interview with Mr Kilinda from Kenya's MoH – August, 2012

interview Kilei news hpafMy job as Technical Legal Advisor in the Ministy of Public Health and Sanitation is related to drafting legislation and advising the health Ministry. I am also involved in writing technical standards and policy formulation. Read more

Kenya AIDS Consortium's work in Kenya – August, 2012

kenya aids hpafI am the Policy and Advocacy Manager for KANCO and this project is directly managed by my department. I am the contact person, the one who oversees implementation with support from my other team members. Read more

Teeth for the tiger: The Action for Global Health Conference 2012 – 24. Apr, 2012

conference news hpafGerman Government announces it will prepare a report for the WHO looking into its role in health worker migration. Read more

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